The cosmetic surgery Bali offers ranges from nonsurgical to surgical procedures that promise quality, safety, and affordability. Their costs are found to be half the price of what is offered here in Australia, so it is no surprise that more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon of medical tourism. But are you making the right decision? Here is a helpful list of what needs to be considered before going abroad for your cosmetic treatment.


Cosmetic Surgery Bali: Your Thai doctor

It is very important to find out if your plastic surgeon has board certification and affiliations with international organisations like the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) or the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). These societies require their members to undergo training and other continuing medical education to further their knowledge and improve their skills in plastic surgery. Having a Thai doctor associated with these organisations helps you feel confident that your procedure will run smoothly.


Cosmetic Surgery Bali: Ask your questions

If you are planning to get plastic surgery in Thailand, or any country that offers medical tourism for that matter, compile questions to ask your surgeon. Researching about them on the internet is okay, but it should not stop there. Communicate with your surgeon about his affiliations, the location where the surgery is to be performed, the cost of the procedure, and other essential information that you need to know before committing to their services. More importantly, be sure that you understand each other, and that language barrier would not be a problem.



Cosmetic surgery Bali: Understand the risks

It is true that complications can happen anytime and anywhere. Whether your surgery is performed here at home or abroad, the chances of getting complications during and after the operation are just the same. The difference is the comfort of travelling before and after the procedure. It is true the flying increases the risk of blood clot formation, so discuss this with your surgeon if you are fit and ready to travel. Also, if a complication arises, consider the convenience of seeing your doctor at home versus flying back to Bali to address it. Most doctors wouldn’t want to treat a cosmetic surgery complication because they are not familiar with the procedure performed on you. Consider the hassle and the extra cost of going to and from your foreign surgeon just to get your complication fixed.


Cosmetic surgery Bali: Is it a vacation?

You are travelling to Thailand with two things in mind – to have a vacation and to get a cosmetic surgery Bali offers for a lower cost, right? But you should also curb your expectations. If you are in a medical tourism package for a 10 to 13-day stay in Thailand, the first 3 days will be spent in the hospital, and the rest would depend on the tour package you availed. You may spend it in a luxurious hotel or a budget-type lodging. Either way, you may not be able to enjoy the sea and waves and the beauty of the place because you are still recuperating from your surgery. Also, activity restrictions and less sun exposure may also be recommended post-surgery, along with the follow-up consultations you need to go to in between. So keep your expectations at bay because you might get disappointed that you were not able to enjoy your vacation at all.


With these points in mind, you may find it easier to decide if you still want to push through with medical tourism. Knowing all these, are you still willing to undergo cosmetic surgery in Bali (or anywhere overseas)?

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