We are in a world where every aspect of our face should be perfect for us to be considered beautiful. Any flaw, no matter how small and indistinct it is, can alter our overall look. It is no surprise then that more and more people are considering cosmetic ear surgery. Here, we will tackle the importance and effects of otoplasty in your overall facial profile, its step-by-step procedure, and how much it would cost to have your cosmetic ear surgery.


Why undergo cosmetic ear surgery?


Have you been noticing that your ears are prominently protruding? Have you felt embarrassed or self-conscious about how misshaped your ears are? Is calling your disfigured or protruding ears with different teasing comments like bat ears, lop ears, jug ears, and others bothering you? Then cosmetic ear surgery can be an option you should consider.

Otoplasty, as it is medically called, is a cosmetic ear surgery that reduces the prominence and reshapes your ears to attain a balanced and more appealing look. Before, children 4-10 years of age are the ones who commonly receive otoplasty since they are the ones who are usually afflicted by natural ear imperfections. But now that we have an even higher standard of beauty, cosmetic ear surgery has become more and more popular with adults who wanted to have smaller ears to showcase and complement a perfect-looking facial profile.



How is a cosmetic ear surgery performed?



Your trusted plastic surgeon will first make a small cut at the back side of your ears. This side is where your ear cartilage is most accessible. Once the cartilage is exposed, your surgeon will cut the cartilage based on the shape you want your ears to have. He can also make a different approach of reshaping the ear cartilage. He can fold and stitch parts of the cartilage together to get the shape you are aiming for. Either of these methods will essentially change the form and profile of your ears.  Stitches to close the operative area will be made, and bandages will be used to support the newly-shaped ears.



How much would a cosmetic ear surgery cost?


In Australia, a conventional cosmetic ear surgery would cost you approximately 5,000 to 6,000 AUD. This cost estimation includes your preliminary medical tests, surgeon’s fee, anesthetist’s fee, hospital fee, postoperative medications, and fees for scheduled follow-up visits. It is still wise to discuss all your financial concerns with your plastic surgeon of choice before deciding if you want to proceed with your cosmetic ear surgery.

Since the nature of otoplasty is geared towards elective and cosmetic, health insurance may not cover your cosmetic ear surgery. If, however, the reason for the operation would restore the normal function of your ears or will aid in relieving a medical condition or problem, your health insurance may be able to shoulder some of the expenses. It is best to contact your health insurance company and inquire about your coverage to know how much this cosmetic ear surgery will cost you.


Undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures to improve our looks should not be solely considered as narcissistic and vain. However, it is still best to discuss all concerns relating to your physical appearance with an expert plastic surgeon. They are the ones specialized in this area so they could better guide you if such cosmetic surgery procedures, like otoplasty, would prove to be beneficial to you.

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